We market El Figueral through several agencies and direct through our company El Figueral Baix Ebre S.L. If you would prefer to book through a large company and/or pay by card you will find HomeAway excellent. As a company we only accept bank transfers or PayPal (3% additional charge). Please use the buttons to transfer “To book via HomeAway” for instant booking or “To book directly with El Figueral” for availability and quotation.

Spring and Autumn Season:

Spring and Autumn Season: Available from 21st March – 2nd July and 6th September – 17th December Sunday-Wednesday from £164.00 per night and Thursday-Saturday from £210.00 per night. There are special rates for the Easter period of the 9th April – 13th April of from £221.00 and from £239.00.

Summer Season:

Available from 22nd April – 19th September from £270.00 per night and 20th December – 6th Jan 2021 from £285.00 per night.
To add to your holiday experience, we can provide via our company the following equipment for hire and a price list is available on request.
We are located on the river Ebro with our own private fishing, so for those anglers wanting to fish and not wanting to bring their own tackle don’t worry, we hire high quality fishing tackle on a daily and weekly basis. We only supply Shimano or Penn bait runner reels and never crack catfish rod. Our packages (carp, catfish or combination) include 2 rods and 2 reels, chair, pod/tripod, landing net, unhooking mat, gloves for catfish and per group scales and weigh sack, the packages exclude terminal tackle. Prices are from £40.00 per week per set. We encourage anglers to bring their preferred terminal tackle but keep supplies of all essentials for sale. Bait is available to purchase.  If you want to fish, licenses are mandatory and we can provide these on site for £15.00 for 2 weeks or £31.00 for 12-month, they are free to under 18’s and over 65’s. If you are interested ask for a price list and pre order so everything is waiting for your arrival.
We hire boats primarily for fishing, these are constructed from aluminium and are 4m long and equipped with 15hp Yamaha engines to comply with the hire regulations.
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