River Ebro fishing

What to expect when fishing at El-Figueral

Spain’s River Ebro is world renown for its catfish and carp fishing and at El Figueral we are lucky to own a very productive stretch of the lower part the of the river that Flows downstream from the lock at Flix, through Mora, Miravet and Benifallet to the weir at Tivenys. 

The river is generally clear with a good flow of water, deep holes and shallow gravel runs that produce some great Ebro fishing.

Catfish over 100lb and carp to 30lb are not un-common with some much bigger beasts around to catch. We have landed cats to 165lb and carp to 39lb from our banks. There are of course other species in the river such as Crucian Carp, Roach, Perch Chub, Zander and Barbal.

Anglers and Families

We have been successfully welcoming parties of anglers and angling families to our unique fishing holidays on the River Ebro since 2010. Our spacious farmhouse accommodation or riverbank caravan is perfect for anglers or for family holiday makers wishing to mix fishing with enjoying the beautiful rural setting of El-Figueral, lazing around the pool, barbequing, or enjoying a local glass of wine.

Fishing at Finca El-Figueral

We provide safe fishing from our swims, hire tackle and boats, sell bait, offer professional guiding on the river and provide licences. 

Of course, friendly advice is always available regarding method, swims and location of “hotspots” on the river. Personal fishing methods and personnel ambition considered we also believe it’s the surroundings and amenities that finally determine the unforgettable fishing experience on this amazing stretch of the river Ebro.

Bank Fishing

Bank fishing on the lower Ebro is difficult to find, but at El- Figueral we (currently) have 4 swims that can comfortably and safely accommodate up to 10 anglers. The banks of the lower River Ebro are generally steep, so we have built our swims into the banks such that they are safely approached via steps and the depth of the pine tree lined banks helps offer some shade during the long hot sunny summer days.

All our swims have been developed to take advantage of the rivers natural features and named appropriately: The Pump House (built at our pump house) and Bay (takes advantage of river flow and rock formations to form a bay) swims both sit on large eddies that provide the ideal shelter and feeding areas for fish in both high and low water. The tractor (there was an old tractor in it) swim is fished from a pontoon and is located on large gravel run and the Rock swim, named because of a huge rock that has created a hole that shallows out over a gravel run.
El-Figueral Family catch 86kg-july 1280-1280 17
Duncan's carp2
100lb plus cat
Michael and Alexanda Hienz Cat rev1
Dave's Carp
Pump House swim
Pump Swim
IMG-20170816-WA0017 (1)
Dougies 130lb Cat El figueral

Boat Fishing

While we have premium bank fishing at El-Figueral there is nothing like getting out on the river in one of our boats. Explore the many opportunities that lay in wait for the exploring angler. Our boats are specified for self-hire, so that up to 3 anglers can spend leisurely time searching the holes, eddies and shallows or just exploring this wonderful river.


Each boat is fully equipped including life jackets and we can provide fish finders.

Pulled up river by cat power

Accommodation Packages

We use several agencies for the marketing of El-Figueral’s Farmhouse but also sell direct to clients, for further up to date pricing and availability please click one of the buttons below for more information or contact one of our agents, VRBO or EscapadaRural.