Spain is known as the land of the fiestas (festival). Every single city, town and village has its festival of some kind or other, which gets everyone together in the streets to party with their friends, neighbors and visitors. The biggest festivals of international fame are the bull running of Pamplona, the fireworks of Las Fallas in Valencia, the mock battles of Moros y Cristianos in Alcoy, Semana Santa in all of Andalucía and the Feria de Abril in Seville.

Benifallet and the surrounding towns, cities and villages of the Baix Ebre are no different as the people take to their streets for fiestas.

January -Fiesta de Reyes (Three Kings Day) – this tradition was started many years ago by the Jóvenes Asociados de Benifallet (Youth Association) in conjunction with the A.P.A. (Parent-Teachers Association). The three Kings arrive in the village via the Benifallet boat and a procession follows them to Casals Bar which is decorated as a Nativity scene and where presents are presented to the children of the village by the 3 Kings. Benifallet is the only village in the area that celebrates this day and as a result they have many visitors joining in that day.

May-Fiesta de la Coves – In 1994 the Ajuntament de Benifallet started arranging tours to the caves, this was so successful that they decided to dedicate a day to the visitors of the caves. The ajuntament together with local volunteers arrange the food for all residents and for tourists with entrance tickets to the caves. Traditionally toast with garlic & olive oil, butifarras (local sausages) or paella, wine & coffee are served. Once the meal is over all the visitors go through the caves followed by music and dancing.

June – Firebre (Tourist Fiesta)– this fiesta was started in 2006 to celebrate the river with all its activities, to encourage tourism in the area and to secure the economic future of the village. One buys a book of ten tickets for around €10 and each ticket will buy you one dish at your choice of the village restaurants stalls at all time over the two-day fiesta. There are also stands along the river front displaying the different activities, fishing, canoeing, boating etc on the river, as well as stalls with local produce such as honey, olive oil and an art exhibition of local artists. Saturday evening is an evening of entertainment with amateur theatre, Sunday there is a fishing competition and evening of entertainment with singing etc.

Station Concert - El Figueral Rural Tourism Spain
Benifallet Firebre Festival Jota - El Figueral Rural Tourism Spain

September – Fiestas Majors – this is the main annual fiesta which is celebrated by different activities through the day in the Plaza Mayor with the dancing of the “Jota” as one of the main features. The 8th is dedicated to the young women of the village, the 9th to the children and the 10th to the elderly people. Every evening there is entertainment and a dance throughout the night held in a large tent on the river front. The 11th is Catalunya Day and there is a paella or fideuada popular under the trees on the banks of the Ebre with games, music and dancing.