Irwin’s First Catch

Over a glass of wine my friend Irwin remarked that he had never been fishing! I said we can soon put that right and promptly arranged for a late afternoon session. 4 days later, I finished cementing in a drainage system, grabbed a couple of rods and a bucket of boilies, and headed for the pump swim.

We started fishing at around 16.00, had a few beers and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of our stretch of the river Ebro. Before packing up at around 19.30 and heading up to Irwin’s for a BBQ tee bone stake and a couple of bottles off Priorat wine, a perfect day.

Oh, and by the way Irwin caught his first carp. Earlier I had landed a twenty something carp and a catfish. Irwin remarked “don’t you weigh the fish?” I replied “only when they are special”. I had to take the scales out for Irwin’s first ever carp which weighed in at 37lb, not a bad first ever fish.

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