Irwin’s First Catch

Over a glass of wine my friend Irwin remarked that he had never been fishing! I said we can soon put that right and promptly arranged for a late afternoon session. 4 days later, I finished cementing in a drainage system, grabbed a couple of rods and a bucket of boilies, and headed for the pump swim.

We started fishing at around 16.00, had a few beers and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of our stretch of the river Ebro. Before packing up at around 19.30 and heading up to Irwin’s for a BBQ tee bone stake and a couple of bottles off Priorat wine, a perfect day.

Oh, and by the way Irwin caught his first carp. Earlier I had landed a twenty something carp and a catfish. Irwin remarked “don’t you weigh the fish?” I replied “only when they are special”. I had to take the scales out for Irwin’s first ever carp which weighed in at 37lb, not a bad first ever fish.

Caravan on the river Ebro

River Ebro fishing with caravan accommodation

During the pandemic our business model changed from longer term lets from the UK and other parts of Europe to mainly weekend getaways from Barcelona. The longer lets allowed us to spend weeks at a time in another property while weekend getaways meant we had to be close bye, hence our caravan. This was great as it meant I got more fishing in!

Now we are back to some sense of normality the caravan that is situated on the bank of the river Ebro is available to book during June/September/October and November 2022. It’s ideal for anglers looking for a cheap fishing holiday.

With our latest update to our website, we have introduced an online booking system!! To make life easy.

Online booking available

River Ebro Fishing; Caravan Accommodation

Looking to fish the River Ebro? we have a well equipped caravan situated very close to the River Ebro that is ideal for  fishing holiday. It  is available for booking during the months of June, September, October and November 2022.

Booking easy via our online booking system!!

Interested? want more information, check it out our link  Caravan and fishing in spain, accomodation on the bank of the River Ebro (

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