Bank Fishing

Good bank fishing swims on the Lower Ebro are difficult to come by; at El Figueral we are lucky to currently have two, the pump house and bay swim, both are positioned on large deep eddies providing the ideal spot to catch the legendry Ebro catfish and carp in a very exclusive location.  The river on the Flix to Benifallet to Xerta stretch of the River Ebro is clear and fast flowing with varying depth and plenty of large hard fighting fish. Never underestimate a fit fast flowing river carp for an incredible fight.


The Bay Swim

Our 300m of private river bank fishing can cater for up to 6 anglers comfortably in a safe environment on a very productive stretch of the river. The swims are approached via steps built into the steep banks which provides shade and shelter from the sun during the Spanish summer. The pump swim has the added advantage of its own tackle store. Apart from the carp and catfish the river has Zander, Perch, Roach, Crucian Carp and Chub to be caught. Of course for those wanting to venture onto the river for a day’s Boat Fishing, from the 2017 season we will be providing self hire boats or guided fishing.

For those anglers wanting to travel without tackle, no worries, we can provide tackle, chairs, pods, landing nets, unhooking mats, gloves, scales, bait, advice, bacon rolls and of course licenses which are mandatory.


Tackle Hire Pricing 2017.

  • Rod and Reel (excludes terminal tackle)          £10.00 per day            £55.00 per week
  • Licenses                                                                                               £15.00 for fourteen days (under 16 and over 70 free)



The Pump Swim

Note! This is Catalunya, and current regulations prohibit the use of live or dead bait, which have been the traditional method for catching Catfish. However, cats seem to like pellet baits so this is what we use and recommend. This does mean that the more you feed the more you tend to catch.